Friday, October 3, 2014

Wrap your head around this??

Luluchan from "families of sex offenders" posted she was having an issue "forgiving" her already registered sex offender husband for searching pre- teen porn recently and she is devastated. She happened to find it in the search history of her computer?? Now she is looking for advice from this collection of numb-nuts?? The first responders of her post are trying to convince her, looking for teen porn really isnt that bad, after all they are adults at 18?? Other "geniuses are inferring that there is nothing wrong with it, if he is trying to enhance their sex life as a couple, (crack me up)if not so pathetic, and then there is, put lockdown software on the computer so he cant view it,and of course the seek counseling words of wisdom? Now normally I wouldnt find all this particularly troubling due to the fact I already "know" these freaks dont change their spots, but I just read pages and pages of the "unfairness" of the prison system, the ongoing bitch and moan of sending money thru the correctional system and a myriad of other complaints of those embroiled in these crimes so when one poster offered up "you should tell him (referring to the husband of Luluchan) that if YOU catch him "one more time" that he is out" It re-enforces these women get everything they deserve for sticking with these deviants.

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