Wednesday, October 1, 2014

slumming on pro-offender sights

Cruising Pro offender sites can be very interesting due to the fact the "mindset" of these members are often a birdeye view of observing what "conditioning" looks like over any length of time. I am long past trying to figure out why some of these groups have the attitude they do about sex crimes and I believe I have deduced these attitudes down to a few reasons. The main one of course is that NAMBLA is alive and well and calling the shots on many of the directives that motivate these groups and their tireless efforts to make sex with kids, mainstream and accepted. The majority of NAMBLA are classic textbook pedophiles who are devious and manipulative, that's a gimmie, thats a fact. But what about the women who staunchly defend the abusers and spend their days minimizing these crimes and the impact on society as a whole? What are their motives? Usually their efforts stem from either a family member, spouse or close friend who have embroiled themselves into the correctional system by "committing" a crime and are now left to pick up the peices. Over the years I have observed these family members who initially can only be described as having been "deer caught in headlights" and then go on to research every aspect of the aftermath by those whom they think they can relate to and have "lived" thru it. Thats when they "find" these pro-offender groups who welcome them with open arms, rather like a spider does to a fly who stumbles in their web. Of course the NEW member is grateful and quickly developes a comraderie with those with who they can relate to. I don't think there is anything abnormal about that and can be considered human nature, but when does it Change from looking for advice to complete distain for Victims?

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Valigator said...

I started thinking about the above post when I ran across a Pro-perv Shelly Stow's website, "With Justice for All". Obviously Shelly wants to appear so patriotic with her insert of a picture of the preamble to the Constitution "We the People" and thinks that will give her opinions weight and substance. Too bad after spending 2 minutes "slumming" we can determine that was a wasted avatar and an insult to the Constitution itself. Shelly profiled a repeat offender who was exposing himself to a busload of school children who had the misfortune of going by this freaks house on their route to school. Shelly wants to convince her readers that this is just natural "dirty old men behavior" and we ALL knew someone as this growing up, so "whats the big deal"? She ends her commentary by stating "In my humble opinion, we are doing a great disservice, not only to the dirty old men but to our children also." (WTF?) Then a like-minded member contributed "Given that the old gentleman stayed on the porch for his performance, I don't think the children were in any danger. Besides, they had the option of turning their heads or closing their eyes"...(a double WTF?)
One must seriously conclude these "groups and their members" have sunk to a level that isnt even rational at this juncture.