Friday, October 31, 2014

How "insightful" is this?

The last two days started out as rather mundane and uneventful. Following the droppings of Pro offender propagandist attempting to leave their bullshit words of wisdom on any and every forum they could land on and my usual attempt at clarifying their message by "picking at their bones" magnifying their motives. While directing my attention to two different forums both on the same topic of the ACLU defending the Homeless sex offenders in Miami, our resident half wit, defiant, Level three sex offender (no not oncefallen) "RUDY" became very agitated on one of the forums. Now I have been "observing" Rudy for longer than I prefer to admit but something was very different with RUDY on this one forum. I must insert that the some of the Usual crowd of Pro-pervs came in to lift their leg and contribute their worthless two cents however, One Contributor Shelly Stow from "Justice for all" aka RSOL aka the NEW NAMBLA was very much active. It seems Shelly the ever diplomatic, soft spoken, self percieved "voice of reason" whose Byline is "compassion and Educated Understanding" for those Under Status Never seemed to notice Rudy's public implosion and obvious cry for help. Rudy as I determined had been up for well over 30 hours and his obvious "lack of medication" was akin to watching him set himself on fire in a crowded Intersection. His ramblings became increasingly more self destructive and yet No One noticed but me? No one made the attempt to even reign him in? Not one attempt by even one of his compadres to recognize the damage he was doing to himself. I found that so obvious, so odd and yet so predictable by these "groups". They spend hours and hours a day focused on "converting" the public to their pleas of educating the non offending casual observer and yet not one Noticed Rudy crashing and burning and begging for help.. I have always considered Rudy more dangerous to himself than the general public, I have reservations about that perception due to being so badly burned by "oncefallen" but today Rudy's behavor lingers with me. Rudy is on some strong medication, that I know and today more than usual its very apparent that medication is not effective or very dangerously mis-prescribed. Lets see how long it takes for one of his co-horts to even notice? The fact it was "me" to become aware first, only validates my opinion that these people dont give a shit about anyone or thing but themselves.


Shelomith Stow said...

Val, I don't have a clue what you are talking about. I don't know Rudy. I know nothing about him, and I don't read his posts because when I tried once or twice some time back, I felt, like you, that he was a bit too rambling and too repetitive. He has never been a part of RSOL as far as I know, and I have no idea who he is or where he is or what might be wrong with him. I don't know why you would think that I would know he was having a meltdown.
Oh, and my byline isn't compassion and educated understanding, although that sounds pretty good. It is fact-based laws only, followed closely by law-enforcement only registry.

Valigator said...

at least you had the courtesy to respond.