Saturday, October 4, 2014

and this Ladies an Gents are how Victims are born

EffieSteffie is a member of "families of sex offenders" and posted months ago how she has found her "true love" and "soul mate" but was apprehensive about telling her family about his sex offender status. Ok jump ahead until she posted how "happy" she was and how much the relationship has grown, How she has met his family and how estatic they are of the relationship (no shit, I'll bet they would be estatic if she had two heads and a four foot tail to hook up with this loser and let her carry the load and walk on that glass) but I digress, the troubling aspect of her post was that she included in her euphoria that HE HAD met EVERY MEMBER of HER family also and has YET to disclose the fact to HER FAMILY he is a Convicted Sex Offender?? Are ya walking with me? If I wasnt banned from this site, I would inform Ms Effie, that to have brought this man around my family without telling me of his criminal conviction, all HELL would reign down for the rest of her clueless life. I am bombarded by headlines everyday how victims and their families were targeted by a boyfriend of a family member, a "friendly" neighbor, an aquaintance who was brought into the Victim's airspace and the hundred other examples that derive from a "failure to disclose"..Here is her picture, so if you recognize her Beware..

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