Monday, September 22, 2014


Donna Kistler, aka “Mrs. K” Donna’s argument that MOST child sexual abuse is due to negligence on the part of the parent- umm oh really? What WE DO know is that Donna’s husband is someone who is the epitome of the reason for the registry. He IS the one who should be on a registry. She can’t argue her case by telling the truth. So she points to imperfect parents, and she points to public urinators and Romeo and Juliet cases. But she doesn’t tell you that her husband broke into a womans home and raped her in the night, that he attempted to do that to two other women and spent 15 years in prison for it. And she sure doesn’t tell you that he was released from prison on July 26, 2004 and on July 19, 2005 he tried to pick up a 9 year old child outside an elementary school. Trying to find location and updated info on Donna's freak husband. Seems to be lots of "Kistlers" listed on the registry.


Anonymous said...

What's up Sgt. Vali-whore? Policing the net again? You better stop stalking children on the social sites. You ARE crossing a line you wont cross back from. We are watching and you best duck.....quack quack.

Anonymous said...

You're afraid won't even leave Florida because you know what would happen to you. Stop stalking the kids pedophile.

Valigator said...

too late your "toast" perv..