Saturday, May 31, 2014

SOSEN of Florida "cookin the books" again

The not so popular or compelling website "SOSEN" loves to manipulate (as do all the other pro-offender sites) studies and make half truths out of any and everything concerning sex offenders. I accidently ran across SOSEN of Florida's blog and boy oh boy do they love to make the "sky fall". I could write an entire blog of the bullshit this group is trying to pass off, but why bother? The site doesnt seem to get much traffic or interest..suffice it to say there is a valid reason the "noose" is tightened around offenders necks in Florida and all the crap these groups can conjure up and distort isnt going to change that.


Anonymous said...

oh my god they get four times the traffic you do. the only reason you get any traffic at all is because we log on to your site to check what dribble your writing. the truth hurts doesn't it?

Valigator said...

Yea I noticed how "busy" they are..(smiling)..If I were you I wouldnt worry too much about the "traffic" this blog gets. This is not where I do the most damage to your precious offenders and YOU know it.