Tuesday, May 20, 2014


ahh lookie, another WAR (womenagainstregistry) member!!!!


Anonymous said...

Your family must be so proud of you. only the reddest of rednecks would appreciate what you're doing. but then again if the shoe fits..

Valigator said...

ahh look ..an offender in violation of the residency restrictions and what do my eyes behold? He has a probation officer who was "unaware" of the footage, seems he has to move NOW.. in case you guys havent gotten the memo? I only take a few of these anonymous comments and then I draw blood. Ask Derek, he is well aware of my methods, I dont get angry, dont get pissed, I draw blood and send the offender a letter with all the insightful comments made to this blog telling him he can thank YOU guys for turning his world upside down....Isnt it nice you freaks actually "work for me"??