Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Can We Trust Crime Numbers?

Can We Trust Crime Numbers?


Mallory Park said...

Surely you trust the numbers of your Florida officials, the ones they have used to get tougher sanctions in place against registrants? Much was made of the fact that the SVP program released almost 600 offenders over 14 years who re-offended. Yet when you read the full reports, you see that in that 14 years they screened and released 31,000 individuals. That means that, under the program in place, 30,400 released sex offenders did not commit a second offense over the 14 years. It appears the program had a 98% success rate with violent offenders over the time period.

Valigator said...

cooking the books with numbers again Mallory??

And these numbers do not paint a complete picture. They do not include men convicted in other states or federal court, those who committed non-sexual violent crimes such as murder or home invasion, and those arrested but still awaiting trial for new sex crimes.
You also might want to re-read the definition of "screening" under Suzonne Kline's Watch. That bitch should be personally sued for the pain and havoc she has created. (then brags about it)saving the center a million bucks. Dont try and pedo speak with me, Mallory, dont think you can insert the word "screened" and the rest of your bullshit post has weight.