Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Our PERV of the week quote

Larry Quintero >Larry Quintero • no wonder your so angry at the world. And don't say your not angry at the world; because you are. All victims are angry at the world and usually have diminished social abilities and under developed intellects. It's my understanding Florida is the undisputed leader in all things "sex"; which is a good thing for you, because there's help available for you. I suggest you seek out some help. Now go away and let us continue our takeover of the world. Larry Anthony Quintero Last known address: 49791 Senilis Ave Morongo Valley CA 92256 Gender: M Age: 56 DOB: 1956-02-28 Height: 6 ft. 0 in. Weight: 200 Race/Ethnicity: White Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown Offense: SEND/SELL/DISTRIBUTE OBSCENE MATTER DEPICTING A MINOR


Anonymous said...

Alcoholigator, who cares? Your blog is getting boring. Write (now thats a laugh) about something halfway important. geez.

Valigator said...

The state should make a "correction" on Mr Quintero's flyer where it says "Race/Ethnicity: White"

actually he seems to be Mexican. You know one of those "just doing what Americans Won't do" cliche's. One would ponder why the pervs Unite with one another especially when they have to fight for footage with a less than desirable criminal culture.