Sunday, March 9, 2014

How Gail Colletta is looking to "cook the books" on recidivism with the help of Suzonne Kline. Now this "radio show" was a hoot. Gail was desperately grasping at straws to be able to propagandize Low recidivism rates and Doctor (choke) Kline suggested Gail's members "dumb-down" rates for the public but be very careful with the Legislature due to credibility factors. Since I have established a "friendly" relationship with certain legislators I thought it prudent to forward this to them along with their opinions to Florida's lobbyist, Ron Book. Mr. Book doesnt take kindly to derogatory comments made about him on these "recordings" and if anyone doubts it, they can dig up Mary Duvals worthless bones and ask her. Ahh but I digress. Gail's Best friend Derek Logue was chomping at the bit but it seems his comments were not relevent to the topic at hand and he was quietly dismissed after his introduction but like the dutiful son stayed on while I envisioned him spilling food all over his keyboard.(that boy is on his way to becoming a star on "my 600LB Life) Bottom line members were told NOT to use the 5% recidivism rate due to the fact it was bullshit (as I have been saying for years) and it just is too easy to get "caught" finding out its bullshit. One could actually hear Gail "deflating" on the audio that "offenders" arent the choir boys she wants the world to believe. Then they all scrambled like cockroaches when the lites turned on to make sure NO ONE includes "Dynamic mitigating Risk factors" then the numbers jump exponentially for recidivism..and lets face it, I havent run across an offender yet who doesnt have mitigating risk?? (excuses)


Anonymous said...

You hate Gail because she gets the attention you soooo crave. Let's face it: You're a loser and she"s a difference-maker.

Valigator said...

Oh really? Tell us please, what "difference" she has made since starting her PAC. I am all ears. You sound like some "hope and Change" idiot. Why dont you click your heels together while your at it?

Among the bills passed, including one sponsored by Bradley, are an increase in the number of offenders who are now eligible for community control- or police supervision- and expanded review for civil confinement, which is a post-prison facility where offenders are sent if they have a high risk of reoffending and meet other parameters. The review process itself will also be augmented, and "mandatory minimum" sentences for some of the adult-on-child crimes have been increased.
""Florida Senate passes "toughest laws" on sex offenders in the nation""

“We now have the toughest laws in the country when it comes to dealing with sexually violent predators,”

" Florida is ground zero for Gail Colletta and Jill Levenson and the new numb-nuts on the block Kline and Imhoff" for sex offender legislation that makes (so much) of a (difference) for your woeful convicts. You fools hold them in such high esteem and yet look what you have?? Perhaps it would be prudent for your members to change strategy, the one you have certainly isnt working.

Anonymous said...

Who cares about how Ron Crook feels? He certainly knows about the criminal mind, seeing as how his is a convicted criminal.

As far as you making fun of anyone, you obviously forgot all those hideous and embarrassing pics of yourself online.

As far as you having a relationship with legislators, they'll say anything to anyone to appease them in person, but behind your back, they just roll their eyes at you, just like the other losers you think support you.

The legislators are too busy trying to look good for their election campaigns to spend any time worrying about your feelings on a legal matter.

You apparently don't understand much of what you are reading, either. The new bills don't really do all that much they haven't already been doing. The legislators are too stupid to realize the civil commitments slowed down primarily because they already have an overflow of people in civil commitment and can't hold them off. You are too stupid to understand economics, but most teabaggers like you have the same problem.

I didn't see your stupid ass at the committee hearing, by the way. I would have loved to confront you in person.

Valigator said...

Crawl off the pipe..

and what would you seriously do if confronting me in person? You can't maintain a valid debate when you have time to write it down, so I dont hold out much hope you could be too persuasive in "person". Oh and I always love the too busy trying to look good for their elections" comeback. Now why do you suppose that is? Obviously the public wants stronger tougher laws against these crimes and or the people who commit them, if a legislator accomdates his constituients in that matter "how does that make his motives and actions self serving? I have no love loss for politicians, but enacting stronger laws" isnt JUST about making a lawmaker "look better" its due to the very real fact, You Pervs just keep finding ways to Loophole the ones we have.

Valigator said...

You freaks cant even maintain a topic on this forum, Look at yourselves..try going back and reading the comments..your grasping at straws due to the fact you have NO valid arguments, no compelling debates to take you seriously. Your attempts to defame me so your worthless existance on this planet has some meaning always falls short and does exactly the opposite of what you think your deroggatory inferences are intended to do.

Anonymous said...

Look at the ol' CROCK-o-denial trying to act educated. The idiots at the FloriDUH legislature had their minds made up before the session started and won't listen to reason. Of course, we all know how crazy Floridiot logic is. Legislators concluded that Cherish Perrywinkle died because sex offenders borrow cars, so lets ban sex offenders from borrowing cars. And lets ban probationers from looking at porn, that would have saved Cherish. You know what would have saved Cherish? How about the legislature address momma Rayne's bad parenting? Your newest victim advocate herione has quite a shady past.

Valigator said...

DING DING DING we have a winner, I was waiting for this one ..and just like the predictable "I love a Sex Offender" crowd you never fails to disappoint.
"". You know what would have saved Cherish? How about the legislature address momma Rayne's bad parenting? Your newest victim advocate herione has quite a shady past."""
Umm cant wait to share that one..Look you little freak, it wouldnt matter if Cherish's mother didnt have a maternal bone in her body, Thats does not give your "Favorite sex offender" Donald Smith an out to kidnap, rape and kill a little girl!! Make no mistake, You'll live to regret that post. I'll use it as the poster comment and stance for your
malicious devious groups..I appreciate the ammo you perv lovers just hand to me.

Anonymous said...

You and your empty threats, Val. Everyone knows you are a bullshit artist.

You are right about one thing, though. Gail needs a change of tactics. There needs to be MORE people standing up to these idiots in the legislature. However, the FAC teaches they don't want the emotional impact statements, just the facts, and they feel kissing the legislators' asses and softballing them is the way to bring a compromised solution.

I personally feel instead of kissing ass, they should be kicking it. That legislative session should have been filled with people testifying how this will hurt their families, and force those soulless legislators to look at our spouses and kids and have to tell them they don't matter. I would have been right in Rep. "I'm a drunk driver" Gaetz's face.

I'm not that much a fan of Gail or her clinicians, because the clinicians are looking our for the medical industry. More unnecessary evaluations means more job security for them. But that's Gail's choice of crew. Registrants and their families, had they spoken up instead of listening to these clinical types, would have made more of an impact.

You don't realize how much harder it would have been for them to pass these bills in the face of people willing to fight for their rights. Laws are getting repealed or stopped in many places in the US, like those Orange Co., CA park bans.

I have a very big surprise coming that is sure to make you see red. Stay tuned ;)

Valigator said...

I suppose its easy to arm-chair the shoulda, coulda on support but for as long as I have been doing this the common denominator is YOU HAVE NO SUPPORT. Seems to be the universial "bitch", members wont donate, wont show up at rallies and on and on. The only activity any of you can seem to muster up is to sit behind a keyboard and "bash" any and everyone who finds you as decieving as I do. Oh and I see "red" every morning when I read the headlines of what your precious offenders did the night before to another vulnerable human being.

Anonymous said...

You're getting boring, Val. Your spiel is too predictable.

Blah blah freaks and the broads banging them blah blah blah its wejistwent season hehehehe blah blah blah, cut and past victim industry bullshit, blah blah blah.

Valigator said...

In case you havent noticed? You spend way too much time worrying about what I write on the web, why dont you actually DO something like start a hotline for freaks who are on the edge of "offending"..

Valigator said...

Of course that would just end up in a "masturbation fest" with you freaks describing your "fantasies with each other Your own mini Nambla site..You people cant help yourselves, I doubt you would be much use to anyone else.