Friday, March 28, 2014

Gotta laugh and shake your head??

New member on the "families of sex offenders" frogpond1 has had a "come to Jesus moment" and has reached out for advice. Seems his woe to me in a nutshell is "I messed up, I admit that, clear and simple, I thought she was of age and she wasn't. So now the avalanche of problems; It happened in RI and I live in CT so not sure how this plays into it. This Thursday I turn myself into RI on two counts 3rd degree sexual assault and two counts solicitation of a child. The latter charges are actually what terrify me the most as they carry a minimum 5 years each!"" UMMMMM Frogpond1 goes on to say "My wonderful wife has stuck by me through all this and I can't thank her enough. I immediately sought counceling after the incidents and I have ZERO priors not so much as a traffic ticket. Of course everything gets tricky. My wife has JRA or juvenile rhumatoid arthritis and is permanently disabled and I am her primary care taker, no one else. Everyday tasks that everyone takes for granted I have to do. On top of that we own our own small business. I'm scared poopless about losing where we live, the business her not being able to care for herself, everything. Even if I some how beyond miracles just get probation I hear it's extremely restrictive so doing business stuff and being able to care for her...I just don't know at this depressed...""" Not so much as a traffic ticket, well that changes everything now doesnt it? so the usual cast of characters chime in with the "FIND A GOOD CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY. TODAY.DO NOT TALK TO THE POLICE!!!!! DO NOT TALK TO THE POLICE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!!!!! TURN YOURSELF IN IF THE LAWYER ADVISES BUT KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!!!!!!Notice the Caps Now these comments are from women whose husbands have already thrown them under the bus in their quest for some extra curricular (underage activity) but I digress I am just left wondering, So NOW he is so concerned about his disabled wife? Frogpond1 deserves anything the courts throw at him for sheer stupidity. But now he will be a "victim" of the system and spend his days whining and crying what a raw deal he has gotten. If I wasnt "banned" from the forum, I would have just asked, (have you never heard of an escort service?) crack me up.

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