Saturday, March 22, 2014

A depraved world: FBI agents wage a stressful battle against child pornography

A depraved world: FBI agents wage a stressful battle against child pornography

Of course the Daily strength broads of "families of sex offenders" have a different take on Law Enforcement as Nakohichi didnt fail to explain : and I quote:

"They say that pedos get jobs at day care centers and kid programs.. I say they join the FEDs and volunteer for these sex offender gigs."
NakoWhacko as I call her, has made up her mind her pathetic offspring is simply a statistic of being at the wrong place at the wrong time and the world has falsely conspired to demonize her son. She never fails to include that she can "afford" to buy her families way out of this, or has she has stated more than once, she infers the Department of Probation have developed a Fear and respect for her due to her extensive knowledge and attitude. Yea I'll bet they are just shaking when she appears.  I'll offer up the opinion that NAKO whacko ought to get real humble around those who have the ability to tear her and HER SON's world inside out.

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Valigator said...

call me the ultimate cynic but I found this blog from Nachowhako (Thea) about her son (Wolfe) and their experiences with Wolfe's arrest. Now from an outsider looking in, is it any wonder her kid is so "fucked up?" Its obvious Wolfe has never had any benefit of "boundaries or discipline" and he has learned to manipulate his enviornment so completely I dont give this "brat" much time on the outside. Someone should write her a letter with a definition of what can happen when weak, dysfunctional mothers raise self centered, sociopaths with her son's picture pasted on it.