Friday, February 14, 2014

Notoriety isnt a bad thing!!

Seems the usual cast of cartoon characters (sex offenders) are on a warpath and liken themselves to Patriots (fighting the good fight). They are absolutely "giddy" with delight that I made the "idiotregistry" list originated by Dennis Sobin. (Dennis Sobin, the former pornographer and registered sex offender whom Washington City Paper dubbed D.C.'s oldest living smut kingpin in a 2010 profile, has started a database to register people who register, or promote the registration of, sex offenders.) Mr. Sobin Has opened the door for a truthful and a much needed debate on the registry, which is long overdue. I have long advocated that for those whose convictions mirror the criteria for consentual "Romeo" crimes should be immediately removed from the registry. Every state has protocol in place now for going forward with prosecution of these circumstances (I wont call them crimes) and States have indeed acknowledged the "Overkill" of placing those involved in these particular instances on a registry is damaging to the futures of those "FEW" who get embroiled. That being said, the public Must understand that the majority of registrants whose convictions in no way come remotely close to a "Romeo" definition and "do not want" the Romeos removed. These Registrants "hide" behind the Romeos in an attempt to Mirror and confuse the public when confronted about their own status as a registrant, while "banking" the general public won't inquire or research any one particular offender's court records. The push for registry abolishment is in full gear with Mr. Sobin's recent court ruling allowing his "idiotregistry" under the guise of "1st ammendment" freedoms. It is my hope the "Judicial and Correctional failures" will be brought into clarity for the general public. Once this is accomplished the public will "indeed" become more aware of (1) the dire need for the registry and (2) the blaring danger Registrants do pose to the public and (3) the need for harsher repercussions for those who commit these heinous crimes. I have to thank Mr. Sobin in many ways for allowing me a wider platform to express my opinions on this issue. Yesterday, a German Television Production company did an extensive interview and many other media outlets are interested as well.I have always maintained sex offenders are not the "brighest bulbs in the box" and they are always attempting to diminish my opinions and views on this subject matter. It appears, they have accomplished the exact opposite.

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