Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Not good news.

Well its 2014 people, and its worse than we thought. Recidivism rates are still skewed depending on the criteria used in the study, But seem to be creeping up to some very disturbing rates. We are still unanimous that these crimes are grossly under-reported and more children than ever are being used for a sexual buffet.. Treatment is still in the stone age and have so many variables that we still havent found one other than "containment" that works for any long term gain. "Opportunity" is still the buzz word and catalyst for assault, but we still have voodoo doctors telling us "reintegration" back into society is helpful when the true stats are telling us those who have stable homes, support and roofs over their heads are "repeating" their crimes and outpacing those who live under a bridge. Seems we have expanded our definition of pedophiles to include more "situational" offenders than ever. Also it seems 68% of those "non-contact child porn addicts" arent so non-contact after all. They have a live child victim under their belt and depending on the AMOUNT of Child porn they injest is directly proportionate to HOW many LIVE victims they have. Seems the "women" who choose to defend and stay with these offenders have some very disturbing backgrounds as well and contrary to their self appointed "martyr status" without all inclusive VERY EXPENSIVE, LONG TERM "Family counseling"(which most families can not afford) the offender has a poorer prognosis of success with these women and are considered still at a very high risk of relapsing with the "golden hour" being between the 5th and 7th year after their release. The icing on the cake? Sex offenders seem to be the only classificattion of criminal who poses a higher risk of re-offending the longer out from their original conviction. "Doesnt that just make your Day"??


Anonymous said...

The only thing that makes you hapoy is the misery of others. Karma"s a bitch Val...and so are you. You'll get your payback some day...can't wait to hear about it.

Valigator said...

I believe you meant to say "happy" and NO there is nothing Happy about the above commentary. You seem to forget for every discouraging and negative statistic or fact that comes to light with you collection of misfits, you leave a trail of victims..