Friday, September 24, 2010

Lynda M. Martin

Some of my child advocate friends forwarded a link to a series done by a writer by the name of Lynda M. Martin. She is doing a profile on various sex offenders and I assume she is looking for what makes them tick. But in her efforts she is very empathetic to offenders and their plights as the issue relates to "what constitutes" a sex offender. Some of her writings seem on target in a generic sort of way, others came across as a push for more lenient legislation concerning these people. I think we all know any aspects of legislation usually need fine tuning as they are put into practice, but the overwhelming message Lynda M. Martin seemed to impart was "most of these guys are harmless" and the public shouldn't react as they do. In this day and age when you count the number of brutal sexual violations against our women and children it amazes me this "writer" would downplay the heinousness of these crimes and the people who perpetrate them. Lynda M. Martin used "not so quite correct stats" that were skewed with other not so dependable variables to paint a picture of this issue that to a parent could have dangerous implications if taken for full truths. In all my years of researching and reaching out to people who I beg to lean on the more cautious side of the coin, I left Lynda Martins blog thinking she should throw most of that caution to the wind. Her expose' tries to leave the general impression she is a brave soul who ventured into this arena. Confronting sex offenders with child victims , I liken to shooting fish in a barrel..they go after children due to the fact they are basically cowards and don't have the ability to deal with another adult in a healthy, legal, responsible manner. So she gains no kudos from me on that.
Ahh but I digress, after this article was forwarded I ventured on. registered, read it, read it again and called her down on what I thought was a dangerous stance ..Lynda M. Martin didn't like that, she obviously didn't like many other posters responses either and refused to post many who were back-mailed to me.
So whats the bottom line, She disliked my comments to the extent she allowed convicted sex offenders to post my name, picture and the address of this blog on her comment in the big picture I am way over having my privacy invaded by these poor excuses for DNA and the fact I blog about these offenders comes with the territory..I can bank on offenders impersonating me, insulting me, heck even threatening me, but this Lynda M. Martin is suppose to be a published writer, victim advocate and she has a long list of self proclaimed accolades she prefaces herself under..she is also in complete control of her hub and what is published on it...I can only assume at this point someone very close to her has found themselves with sex offender status or she is just a vindictive, nasty, self righteous, doesn't play well with others, media whore who will stoop to any level to gain affirmation from various sex offender groups and or their advocates...who by the way, seem to be her new best friends..


Stitches77 said...

Great article, Val. Things like this definitely need to be confronted and untruths challenged. Unfortunately she doesn't have the courage to actually do that. She only allows child molesters who praise her.

Her contempt and hostility are transparent.

lmmartin said...

You have completely misrepresented both my article, me and my intent, my history and my motivations. But of course, I am not surprised. You have your own skewed agenda.

What gives you the right to say, it appears she was saying... or I felt she was saying .... I said nothing more than the words on the page. Never once did I say, most of these guys appear to harmless. I did say, I believe there are some who have suffered an injustice. That is not the same thing. Your subsequent email to me stated you believe these same issues require address.

As to Stitches77, I have helped prosecute more offenders than you have met. Thirty years in child protection, as a professional has given me many a chance to confront reality.

My contempt and hostility are transparent? Interesting take.

I react to anyone who enters into such a debate with immediate aggression, self-righteousness and ridicule with contempt. And so would you. Valerie did not approach the discussion with any form of normal civility, and had no idea of who I was, or what my history is.

As to my courage, you honestly have no idea. You are both quite ridiculous. Lynda M Martin

lmmartin said...

Oh, excuse me. I forgot to mention one more thing. I posted your blog address on the comment section, as you said you would have, but the rules stated no links. A blog is meant to be public, and I did not post if for "perverts" but for those of my readers who might be interested in learning more about you. As I said there, here is her blog, judge for yourself. Privacy on a blog??

Anyway, good night.

Info said...

Perhaps some of us misunderstood her. She's a fiction writer, correct? So shouldn't we expect her to make things up? The misinformation as well as the grandiose illusions of being a sex offender expert, coupled with the sad misfortune of faulty learning throughout a childhood of victimization, one could actually be shocked that she's not actually a convicted offender herself. Her balanced approach consists of posting the offender's side. Now what do I have against posting the offender's side? Nothing at all. But when a person says they are balanced because of it - ya gotta wonder what side of the fence they site on and whose best interests they have close to their heart. Oh, and what's up with the 5% recidivism rate she uses? Most graduates from the same online PEDO101 course spout the same garbage. Come on people. Her articles were serious fiction. LOL

Stitches77 said...

"As to Stitches77, I have helped prosecute more offenders than you have met."

If you knew what I did for a living I highly doubt you would make such an asinine statement.

You ma'am are a danger to children.

Correct the errors in your article and comments immediately and I'll reconsider my opinion of you.

But here's the rub. You know you've lied and you won't admit it. You've been given sources showing the inaccuracy of your article and yet you will let that faulty information in your article stand and even go so far as to defend it and delete comments which prove you didn't actually do your research.

Why? Well, the why is the real problem isn't it?

Stitches77 said...

"She's a fiction writer, correct? So shouldn't we expect her to make things up? The misinformation as well as the grandiose illusions of being a sex offender expert"

I considered it quite interesting that she allowed a convicted child molester to post Valigator's name in an article in which she refused to name any offenders. Then she goes so far as to say she won't communicate with anyone who won't say who they are.

.........unless of course they are registered sex offenders.