Saturday, September 25, 2010

For Ms. Lynda M. Martin

"What gives you the right to say, it appears she was saying... or I felt she was saying"
Why write a piece on any subject unless you want the reader to infer something from it??? You had no problem making a general statement then interjecting your opinion as if it were fact. You might want to dissect your writing skills in that area, just a thought..
"Skewed agenda"? There is absolutely nothing "skewed about it" I resent persons as yourself who write on a piece that is obviously a draw for parents seeking some semblance of understanding on this issue then downplay the very "real dangers" of what these people perpetrate on our families everyday. You titled your series "Interviews with four convicted sexual predators", then prefaced it with a resume' that attempted imply some sort of higher education in the field of "credentialed abuse expert" (That was skewed), then you proceeded to use less than accurate statistics that didn't encompass the full scope of sexual crimes, (that was skewed).
Your quote " I wrote this article to express my concerns over the back-firing of the laws that may have started with good intentions. I meant it as an education for those who've never been involved".
Education Lynda? Surely you jest, educating people would to have included that while some offenders "romeos" have an almost 0% of reoffense rate, other offenders with child preferences of certain ages have a 100% reoffense rate (multiple victims Lynda) It was if you downplayed that very real and dangerous aspect of who these people are and what they are capable of. That was skewed! Your article wanted to infer most abuse was an "all in the family" sitcom and as long as we didn't leave our kids in "strange Uncle Harry's care" we didn't have that much to worry about! That was skewed Lynda! Then your entire site degenerated into a bitch session for sex offender groups who want to try and convince the average reader "they really aren't bad guys" and got wrangled by a dysfunctional legal system! Talk about skewed! For those of us who have been bantering on this issue for years, we can spot those groups in 3 post or less, they gravitate towards forums as yours and try and pass themselves off as " soccermother1934" c'mon,yea,she is  just an average mother who appreciates your depth of understanding to sex offenders and the trails and tribulations they endure, while bashing the laws that pertain to them. Then..and here is the icing on the cake..your quote "But here's a thought: has it not occurred to you, seeing as 90% of sex abuse goes on within the family, and that 95% of new sex offenses are committed by persons not registered, that this HARD LINE only guarantees that more victims will remain silent? Only 20% or less sex abuse cases are reported now -- you can bet your bottom dollar that will decline even further, and more victims will go without the help they deserve".So what your saying LYNDA M.MARTIN is if we don't back off on the punishments of these guys, those who suffer in silence is the fault of people like me and others who have no tolerance for these crimes? Now that is the definition of skewed Lynda!You give too much credit to those who have no qualms about using our children as sexual vessels. Most of these freaks  (especially those who would use a family member)given an open door and 5 minutes think no further ahead than the opportunity to "get off" as harsh as it may be to hear, that's what it boils down to. For someone like you to try and make a "rats back look like a mink coat" then infer the blame goes to people like me for taking a tougher stand ? That is the height of audacity. You sound like the sex offenders who tout the "if the laws get tougher, whats the incentive to keeping the child alive" mentality. Lynda Martin, you may want to subscribe to the majority of Parents philosophies, "we need to make the repercussions for child sexual abuse so restrictive and so punishing even the "thought" of perpetrating such a crime would be a deterrent in itself". My Agenda as you call it is not skewed, yes its harsh no doubt, but I do pride myself by adding a dose of common sense where its needed. I have watched the system "condition" the public to let these men live among us and throw the citizens a bone by giving us a registry to take the financial heat off themselves.You and I are on opposite sides of the issue due to the fact you want to "condition" the public that their fear is overblown so therefore they need not have as much cause for concern as they do. Lets leave it at this, I have four offenders "allowed" to live on my street, one convicted years ago for having consensual sex with his underage girlfriend who is now his wife, #2 offender has two rape convictions for blitzing a 12 year old girl at a bus stop and almost beating her to death while raping her, the other charge for breaking into his girlfriends mother house and raping her. A third rape charge was dismissed due to lost DNA evidence and a victim afraid to testify.#3 is a Cuban national who floated onto our shores who kidnapped an adult woman, raped and robbed her, but cant be deported due to "no formal extridition treaties with Cuba and since his victim wasnt a minor has no residency restrictions.#4 committed his crime of sexually molesting his 10 year old nephew in Missouri but liked the beaches better in Florida and ends up in my neighborhood I am suppose to accomadate his choice to live here. Now if the system cant see its way clear to keep offender #2 locked up and away from my family,Deport #3 to Guitmo, refuse #4 offenders request to set up residence in Florida, how much credence do you want me to place in that system while you jump up and down for more lenient individual compassions for "certain offenders"? When and only when the system quits throwing the offenders to a wall and watches to see what sticks and what falls, will I have a diplomatic view of these crimes and those who commits them.


Info said...

“Thank you Tiggerinma -- You very eloquently laid out much of what I've presented to groups over the years -- the development of a trusting relationship with your child. Definitely the key to safeguarding your child -- as well as the best way to build self-esteem for your child. Thanks.”

“Thanks again. Sorry your case sounds so far from the procedures I am familiar with, but then I recognize all jurisdictions are different. I am not doubting you word, so much as trying to understand the process you describe.
Now I am sure you were given bad legal advice. Lynda”

Why would anyone make those comments to a registered sex offender, in denial, and is serving a sentence for molesting his 6 year-old daughter? If you are a known child molester then how is grooming your child by developing trust with the potential victim the best way to build self-esteem? Is self esteem necessary before or after the sexual abuse? And how is accepting a plea for such a heinous crime bad legal advice? Inquiring minds have a need to know. Oh I don’t know….if a sexual offender with pedophile tendencies tried to educate me on how to build trust with a child I think I’d rather caution him on following his relapse prevention plan, which hopefully includes avoiding children. Validating his denial by drawing the irrational conclusion that he was given bad legal advice is so over the top I can’t comment further. You’re over your head and far beyond your skills and experience Lynda. Either you really are clueless or are making a choice to further their agenda. They hunt far and wide on the internet for vulnerable people like you to help their cause. Valerie has seen it too.

Info said...

Now now Valigator. Aren't you being a little closed minded? For crying out loud! None of the sex offenders, regardless of which type, have a 100% chance of re-offending. So instead of closing your mind to all of them, why not lift the 2,500 foot rule in your zip code and maybe move a few of them into your home while you're at it? As long as all of them don't re-offend then what's the problem? Lynda's vast social work experience and research earns her the distinction of having a crystal ball which tells her exactly which ones will not hurt another child. Why can't you see this with your closed mind and all? Her solution is to lighten up on restrictions on college boys that molest middle school girls - hell she survived the abuse so everyone else needs to get over it and quit acting so crazy or like professional victims. Open your mind and accept hebephilia - it's common with no cure so deal with it. /sarcasm

Info said...

"I wrote this article to express my concerns over the back-firing of the laws that may have started with good intentions. I meant it as an education for those who've never been involved".

Well there you have it. Your crash course didn't work out so well now did it? So what you're saying is that you didn't anticipate getting caught posting misinformation by well informed bloggers. That's a common mistake....just ask your friends at SOSEN. The unintended consequences can sometimes worsen the situation.