Sunday, September 26, 2010

DNA testing on Arrestees

Day after day. I read and watch how LE bitches and moans about being over-worked, understaffed and under funded..Then I go on to read about the Police Unions demanding more money, cost of living increases and better pensions. I read about the funding of various Department of Justice grants given to LE to help fight crime. And for the life of me I cant figure out how we can continue to fund these request and not "stop the bleeding" at the front door (Arrest). At this juncture DNA testing (at least here in Broward) is done on Conviction, how much money and how many hoops does one state have to jump thru before they realize they are chasing their tails? Think about it? How many detention officers, jails, pre-trial hearings, Probation officers, detention overhead, victim advocacy offices, sex crime units do we have to pay for to revolve the same guy thru the system over and over only to have him pleaded down and released all the while having three victims under his belt because we don't have the will to "connect the dots" earlier? I find this past "INSANE". In the big picture? I would gladly give most of my LE departments MORE money with less bodies if a more efficient way of dealing with these bad guys were on the table. You have to wonder who is blocking this aspect of funding..something tells me its the lawyers...

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